Friday, July 18, 2008

is that mine?

look what i've found through nuffnang analytic results: 

i was trying to check out the link / referrals given by nuffnang that shows where did my blog traffic come from. one of them is the search on "eileenkhor". Since i am a curious person, i decide to give the link a try and check out the search results and that is when i came across to the link above. then i check the profile, and below is the screen shot of it : 

since when did i have an angelfire account that i did not know about?  

NO this is not my account. 

i have no idea who owns this site but since there is no post or whatsoever in that blog (although there is a recent update), i am fine with it. 

What i know and realise is that, I am not the only Eileen Khor in this world. :P

oh btw, for those of you who are patiently waiting for my langkawi pictures, click on this flickr link . They aren't the best scenery pictures but please be patient with me as i am still learning to master the art of photography. :)


Dann said...

and this aint mine... =x
Guess these prove it. We are not alone...

e-leen said...

lol. art class! so when u goin to show me your artwork.

Dann said...

Suddenly i came across those boats in your flickr... Feel like going for cruising!!!

Nice photos by the way... =)

e-leen said...

dann: thanks! ahahah go! star cruise!