Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"secret admirer"

danny: got secret admirer ah? :P

eileen: huh? what makes you say so?

danny: hmm... i check my nuffnang. ur name was on my keywords. so that "sum1" must have go to google, type in ur name then find information abt u. thats what i can conclude from my findings, as for ur side, its either admire u and try to search for your info .... or either up to smth no good...so i guess sum1 is tracking u ...

eileen: shud i be happy? ahahahha

danny: u shud. but be a lil careful. whether the intention is good or not i'm not sure but usually good

The above is the conversation I had with Danny 1 hr ago. he even send me the screenshot of his nuffnang account and suggest that i should blog about it. 

a screenshot from danny

So here it is Danny :P

I do admit that i am curious too who this person is as much as you are :P

As about me, I had a  pretty bad day today. Gave probably the suckiest presentation ever in my whole life so far. I got nervous and was struggling between the mac, the wacom tablet and the stupid mic that i have no idea why it doesn't really project out my voice and it keeps on "falling"and move away from my mouth level. I never had such feelings when it comes to public speaking for a long time. maybe it is cause by my lack of confidence and my lack of practice before that. (no, i did not practice my speech nor the tutorials that i wanted to show. it was plan on the spot and 1 hr before my presentation). I should get myself more well prepare next time - if i ever get the chance again to do the demonstration to a huge crowd again. I guess this is another experience gain and another lesson learn. 

my first time addressing to such a large crowd!!! so imagine how nervous i was ...

oh yea! it is also my first time at Equator Art Academy today. GOSH! i make the turning into the road and it should be the first building i see, but i DID NOT! i called one of my colleague and he told me it is just right opposite cheong fatt tze. So i make a u-turn and found the academy.  When I am there, I saw my cousin brother's picture hanging on the wall (yea! my cousin bro! must be a top student there i think) and it gives me a very traditional art school kinda feel. It is nice as the whole interior is very "pre-war" and traditional. It is very different from the previous college that i attended and the current uni I am at. Not just the size of the building... but the feeling. VERY DIFFERENT! 

Lately, I realise how important and fragile life is. Appreciate and love everyone close to you. Treasure every moment you have with your love ones for you will not know what will happen to you or them tomorrow. Live life to the fullest. Tell them how much you love them before it is to late.... 

danny: not your worst day... cos i found out u have a secret admirer 


Dann said...

it aint your worst day after all.. =)

Demetrius said...

"Secret admirers" are really friends who are too shy to tell you how they feel about you in person.. "Danny it's okay don't be shy, tell Eileen how you really feel about her.." LOL

eileen; "Life is very fragile" but there will always be an opportunity to make up for mistakes, but in the meantime prepare yourself!

e-leen said...

dann: maybe i should note "suckiest presentation day" ahahhaha

demetrius: yup! so gonna prepare myself for it. learn my lesson.

Dann said...

demetrius: hmm, is this a set up? im innocent... *angel*

eileen: mai luan luan think ya... =x

Demetrius said...

dann: set up? No.. Just trying to reveal the truth. LOL

eileen: the "next time" should be a success then..

e-leen said...

dann: pang sim lar. i wont luan luan think la.

demetrius: yea. lets not there's another time :P ahahah stop teasing dann. he's a good friend of mine. :D

Demetrius said...

Sorry dann...LOL

Dann said...