Monday, June 30, 2008


i am supposed to be in KL by now... but unfortunately I am not... I am still in Penang. Konsortium ran of tickets as all tickets are fully bought.

WHY is everyone going to KL? it is not even holiday season lah!!! -.-"""

lately, I've been taking my life as it goes. I am a happier person now as I try to stay optimistic about everything and whatever that happens, happens for a reason. There's something good waiting for me.....maybe?

 a blessing in disguise

So because I could not get the tickets to KL today, I am fated to attend an event in Gurney today where I get to meet Mr Yoshinari Mizushima. Some of you might be wondering who is this fellow. Mr Mizushima is from Japan and he's the art director for Tekken. 

YEAh!! The Tekken game by Bandai Namco. 

Mr Mizushima saying "I love MALAYSIA"

My friend called me at 12pm and I was still asleep when i got his call. I was so tired and lazy to get out of my bed but in the end, I couldn't fall back to sleep and i went online to chat with my "datuk" John (my friend from Sabah) and he insists that i should go. I am not really a gaming person but well, i am into arts and therefore in the end, I decided to go.

Mr Mizushima showed a lot of trailers of Tekken 6 and in the end, he showed Soul Calibur IV trailer and he said it is the first time it is previewing in Malaysia. WOW! i know bout Soul Calibur from Artgerm's work and seeing the animated trailer gives me another different feeling. 

At the end of the talk session by Mr Mizushima, Hotlink decided to give away 5 goodies bag to those who manage to answer the their questions. So my friend Wooi Kin (my best friend's brother and also another best friend's boyfriend), was the first to go on stage for the Q&A and he got himself a goodie bag. He was encouraging me to go up to get the goodies but I am too shy to go up there. Then in the end, when 2 of the audience fail to answer the last question, Wooi Kin gave me the answers and told me to go up to the stage. So up I went together with my D80 in my hand and I gave them the answers they need and everyone is happy. I shook hands with Mr Mizushima and he gave me the last goodie bag and I said thank you accompanied with a big smile as the cameramen snaps pictures of me with Mr Mizushima. 

Later I went through the content in the goodie bags and i found out that there's a DIGICON 9 dvd in it!!!! OMG!!!! that's AWESOME-NESS!!!!!! ( a word i learn from Satkuru who learnit  from Po from KungFu panda)

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!

It contains all the award winning entries in it!!! I've heard bout DigiCon and to be a getting an ORIGINAL dvd with fabulous contents in it ....  it's really something. I am reallly realllllly EXCITED!!! 

See, isn't it a blessing that i did not get the ticket to KL?

Lastly, I bought a cyberclean today. It is a cleaning thingy for keyboards and my honey needs it so i went to Switch today to get it. 

cyber clean for my honey

As for now..... it is 2pm now..... SPAIN vs GERMANY is about to kick-off in 45 mins time.....

who am i supporting???

SPAIN of cos!!!!


raz said...

Ironically I was around that area, but had ignored the main stage.

Demetrius said...

You cheated! Some kid who probably knew the answers probably got overlooked 'cause of you... "Shame" LOL

Good story, you gotta stay optimistic!

Soccer fan? "Nice"

e-leen said...

raz: how can u miss Eileen on the stage? sigh.... :P

demetrius: lol! well.. i don't mind to give them all the goodies in the bag except for the dvd. yea i guess staying optimistic is a good way to enjoy life and live life to the fullest everyday! yea i am a soccer fan... but more to club soccer than country. :D

Demetrius said...

I'm sure that can be arranged for you to do, DVD included! LOL

I'm into the club soccer as well, but the Euro Tourney wasn't bad though...

"to the fullest", that's the only way to live!

e-leen said...

ah. i only watch spain's match. didn't have time to watch the rest.... n manage to watch the whole 90mins of the final match! HAHA~~~