Wednesday, June 11, 2008

stress release

I've been emo-ing a lot lately......

due to stress and other stuffs that i am dealing with at the moment....

and furthermore, my animation is still a mess!

and because of that, I've been very stressful lately ....

and also I've lost my appetite for food. although I am hungry every hour i just don't feel like eating ... and whenever i eat any food, i feel like throwing up....


But today, I have something to comfort me and take all my stress and emo-ness away...


They are my life saver! My cure! 

They say sweet things takes the blue away.... yea they definitely did. 

I was craving for them for more than a month...... and thanks to my housemate who went to Pavillion today, she helped to get me a dozen!

12 donuts!

These donuts are my supper, my midnight-early morning supper, my breakfast and if possible it will last me till tea time tomorrow. ahahahha 

After taking 3 of it 10mins ago.... now i feel like puking.... what is wrong with me???

Oh btw, Spain just won 4-1!!! David Villa score a hattrick 

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