Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Cat and the Fishes

Found a kitten in my house today. I HATE cat but I was tempted to capture the images of this kitten when i saw him/her.....


because the kitten owns a pair of super attractive eyes..

the kitten looks so cute here...... at first he/she is so scared that the kitten was shivering when it first saw me with my camera!

I still love the kitten's blue eyes. They are so unique! She don't need a FreshKon!

then after several shoots, the kitten turn another side of her/him and this is the picture of her/him looking FIERCE!!!

as for the "fishes".... i went to Happy Feet today with my friend for a fish spa! I've always wanted to go to the one at Pavilion KL to try the fish spa there but i never did... so when i found out that it is only RM18 for 30mins at the newly open shop in Penang, I decide to waste no time but to waste a few bucks of petrol and drove myself to New World Park  - just for the fish spa.

So I paid RM18, wash my feet and then dip it in the fish "pond".  

The next thing i realize was the nibbling feeling around my feet!!! It felt ticklish at first but after around 60 seconds or more... i began to get used to
 the nibbles of the fishes that's happily eating away the dead skin off
 my feet!

try a full view of the image above. there're dozens of fishes around my feet within 3 seconds

this is the image of the fishes happily eating my dead skin...

After 20 minutes ....

I am still feeding dozens of fishes. They are crowding around my feet... and then i remember a quote by my friend back in Dec last year after she tried the fish spa at KL. She said. "You will not realize how dirty your leg is until you see how many fishes crowds around your feet"

 OMG... i didn't know my leg is so FILTHY!!!

After around 30 seconds minutes (when it is about time for me to go), 

There isn't much fishes around my feet anymore after 30 minutes.. and i hope my new skin will grow now that the old one is being used to feed this mini pirahnas.

After 30 minutes,

 i am supposed to leave the pond. Since my friend and I don't feel like leaving that place but to sit a little longer, we had a cam whore session ... 

*check out the interior of that place. it is very cozy


lollipop said...

the cat look so scary...

i wan to try the happy feet.... i heard will be rm28 after 18 june?

Demetrius said...

You did what?! Fish spa?! Not me!

I never knew dirty feet could be so appreciated.. LOL

You kept the cat right? LOL

e-leen said...

lollipop: aahahh bcos she's black with blue eyes? oh yea i heard after 18th june is rm28, but i went there last saturday, which is 21st June and it is still rm18. i guess they extend the promotion time. u shud try! it is nice and my leg is really clean!

demetrius: aahah i didn't know either till i have so many fish around mine :P Nah i didn't keep the cat.. she's still at my small garden and her mom visits her quite often to feed her. :D

Satkuru said...

LOL did you laugh while the fishes were nibbling ? i had a hard time controlling my laughter and some patron even started screaming. hehehe :P

e-leen said...

i was giggling nonstop for the first 2 or 3 mins ahahahah

Dann said...

I like the cat, not the fish. Its my first time seeing a black cat with blue eyes. Looks scary, but adorable on the other hand. =)

What happen to the cat then?

e-leen said...

i don't know what happen to her... she's not in my garden anymore. let's hope she's safe