Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Economy crisis!!!

Have you ever take 5 minutes off the work that you are currently working on and ask yourself, "why am i doing this?" ? 


How many of you out there actually enjoy doing what you are doing?

Although I am not in the working world yet, I am happy to say that I am currently enjoying what I am doing and studying. I am not leading a very healthy life at the moment, but I enjoy it. Most of the days, I spend staying up all night just to do assignments and that's normally how I spend my 8 months a year in KL - staying up late to do my work, procrastinate sometimes and have really little sleep in between some days and have very weird sleeping hours - as if I live on the opposite side of the globe. 

so what am I studying now that sounds so torturing and yet i am quite enjoying it?

I am doing a degree course in creative multimedia. Sounds very "chim" (deep) right? ahahha Ok, let me explain it as brief as i could. It is a course where we learn to put art and creativity into multimedia which involves sound, video, motion and graphics. Sounds cool and easy right? No it is not. It is cool but it is not easy. My class includes the very basic traditional drawing to graphic design, prints to application on the web to traditional frame by frame animation to 3D animation to video production to motion graphics and to even project management and entrepreneurship (later in my course). The workload itself is able to drive me up the wall most of the times.

Basically what I am learning is a combination of 

a graphic designer + animator + web designer + video director + motion grapher + manager + business woman

Don't ask me how i am juggling it... I still have no idea yet will i manage to survive this semester ...

So,  the first KL Design Week is up next week. There's this 2 big-interesting conference that I would love to go but the admission fee is KILLING me!! 

  • Super Motion ticket is priced at RM180 for students 
  • Maximum Minimalism Conference is priced at RM380 for students 
HOLY COW right!! they are super duper expensive. 

check out the price

AM I GOING? you ask?

I am wanna go to both BUT that would cost me RM560 (*cough*). MM Conference features a whole lot of super duper crazy designers which i personally admire a lot. (one of my favourite agency Kuntzel + Deygas is going to be there) but the price makes me think twice while Super Motion is about motion graphics stuff which I am interested in. 

List of designers and agency for respective conference

I would most probably end up going to Super Motion only since it is the cheapest (which will probably cost me 2 weeks of hunger)... but MM features so many great designers and artist that I would love to meet(eg: Stefan Sagmeister aka God of Designers, David Carson and many more).... but the price .... :(

I was thinking maybe i should start a website like this to look for sponsorship to sponsor me to both the conference (or maybe to the RM380 conference), but I guess it is too late now for me to do so. As for now, let's just hope i strike lottery or there's actually an angel that out there that will send me the tickets to both conference....


Jwan Heah said...

I envy what you're currently doing, uni days were some of the best times of my life, and what you're studying sounds interesting.

We're constantly on the lookout for designers and 3D artists, if you have time to do some stuff on the side. let me know... maybe you could earn some extra money to get you the tix! :)

e-leen said...

jwan heah: cool! i am planning to "restart" freelancing job end of the year when i am on long holiday break. I'll let u know.... :D

btw, wat type of designing stuff ur company normally needs?

stan said...

If I were to study all over again, I wld do a multi-media graphics-gaming course of sorts. I bet it must be an exciting jounrey.

e-leen said...

stan: oh! u must be a gamer eh? games design is quite fun it seems. there's this games design course in my uni, and the students have a game lab where they have all sorts of game platform for them to play and even a lab of high speed comps for LAN games.

Jwan Heah said...

e-leen: we usually need alot of 3D stuffs. Occasionally graphic design work for flyers, brochures, profiles, etc.

e-leen said...

jwan heah: oh coool! i am not really that good in 3d yet... if graphic design stuff i am ok :D hehe btw, do u think u are able to help me with some interview questions for my research report?