Monday, September 22, 2008

a PMS revenge

Never ever mess with any girl who is having their PMS. 

NOT Premarital Sex 
Premenstrual Syndrome 

Apart from losing massive amount of blood for 4-5days, there are many other things that girls are going through too at the same time. Some of us might be suffering from REALLY dreadful and painfull aches, uneasiness, nausea, back ache, and many many other symptoms. So boyfriends, please be understanding and be patient with your girl when they are "off" during that time of the month. Just be more caring and shower them with more love, hugs and kisses. It helps but don't annoy them or start a fight with them.. because if you are... you are probably on your way to HELL!

Some of you might have know that I have annoying neighbours that are not considerate at all and they are getting more and more moronic and brainless each passing week. (Let's not talk about where are they from to avoid getting my blog being flag for racism). They drink and smoke shisha all night long... and worst of all they would talk and laugh SOOO loudly even in the middle of the night. With my room's balcony door facing them, I have no choice but to endure their animal-vexatious laughter and their crow-like voice every night they have their party and their little drinking-smoking gathering. 

Last Saturday night was one of the worst that I've came across. They started their gathering at around 2am and it ended 8am the next morning. NO JOKE! til 8am! What the *toot* right? *censored* Since she's PMS-ing and since she's not having a good night sleep/rest, she decide to put her little evil sweet revenge on her neighbour the next day....

Knowing that her "lovely" neighbours are resting after a night long of shisha-ing and drinking, she pulled her speakers out to the balcony and started blasting her speakers off with some trance, rock-ish music which is really really noisy for an hour to share her love for music! and the next thing she knew was, she successfully woke up her neighbour!! 


**evil laughter**

As the evening is coming to an end, they, the moronic neighbours decide to start their little gathering again. Sensing the on-coming annoyance, she took her speakers out to the balcony again and run her iTunes8, blasting noisy music AGAIN! after 30mins, she stop her music and decide to take a peek. She found that the neighbour's guests are no longer there! YAHOO! 

there goes her second victory of the day!

the view from my room, which is unfortunately their place of chilling ... can u spot the shisha?

see how dirty & messy the garden is

So you see, (a caution warning to all guys) never mess with girls who are PMS-ing! 

We can be really BITCHY!! 


eh no no. it should be *woof woof*  

 p/s: FYI, shisha (aka Hookah) is a single or multi-stemmed water pipe for smoking tobacco or herbal fruits. 

picture taken from wikipedia


Huey said...

Wahseh. I wonder what they will come up with. >.<

e-leen said...

huey: unfortunately ......i think it is more annoying nights! ahahahaha

Dann said...

thats is when leen turned evil... =x

e-leen said...

dann: yeap! that's the devilish evil leen!

lollipop said...

should call the security or police next time!

H e n r i c k said...

lol... should you thank to iTunes 8? I think you should try VLC with 200% volume blast! XD

Dann said...

devil stay away from me. RUN RUN!!!

e-leen said...

lollipop: yea. planning to call the security. went to take a walk 2 days ago to find out their unit number.

henrick: eh i didnt know vlc got 200% volume blast. i've been using it for a very long time leh....

dann: lol i am spreading the evil disease to u.....

H e n r i c k said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. yep, I used to use it to blast MacBook's volume when demo to customer, as you know some customer did complaint that MacBook's volume is too low :P

*Only applicable to VLC Mac OS X version.

I'm not sure if the new version still support 200%, perhaps you should test it out with your MacBook Pro and let me know :P

e-leen said...

henrick: they actually can go up to 400%!!! OMG. i didn't know!! thanks for the info!