Monday, March 19, 2007

Never believe in gossips

stumbled upon someone's blog today

its an eye opener and i learn a lesson : "never believe in gossips". i wonder how a gossip spreads... n how ppl come out wit one. seriously dont believe something till its proven... i should be like aristotle. don't believe in anything until it is proven true.

i have a test/mid term exam tomorrow .. n c what i am doin here? blogging away. i spend my last 2 hrs reading someone's blog. fun...i always enjoy reading ppl's blog especially when they talk about things i know. its just fun to read other ppl's point of view...

n finally, i've deleted all the previous pics on my flickr. now, its only pictures taken with my baby! check it out at : link

okie..i guess i should stop blogging now.. need to get typography notes. ah.. not get back.. need to start touching my notes..i hav not study anything yet.

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