Monday, May 19, 2008

LimKokWing in Penang?


Don't believe me... look at the ad below

*sorry for the bad picture.. i chopped off the LUCT name at the bottom of the ad. malas to take the pic again... but then... i am sure you are able to recognize the ad as one of LUCT's ad from the use of BIG san-serif typeface as headline!

but why tourism? eh... 

I was hoping it will be a new campus there or something... but it is a tourism campus... what the hell will they teach? i think it doesn't involve my syllabus or field of subject. I was hoping that maybe I could do my 2 years bond with them at Penang so i could save lots and lots of money on transport and food... but then it's a tourism campus.... WTH!

After 2 years in KL, i am kinda sick of this place.. Cyberjaya sucks big time but now that they have GSC at Alamanda, Putrajaya, it is not that bad compare to last time... but because i am now in Year 1, and because of the crazy workload.... i am stuck in my small room doing my assignments diligently. Yeah! i am so kuai you see~

the ad above is like 3 months old.. yea.. got it from old newspaper which i was about to throw away then i saw that advertisement which i was kinda shock. So i decide to use iSight and capture it so that i can post it here since i don't feel like doing any work tonight. Never an ad from LKW interest me more to blog.. but this one here .... is different. 

Yes! I've just completed one of my final assignment. Finish designing it already, so now i am only waiting for my lecturer to approve all of it. So let's pray that he don't complain about it .. then I will only have 5 more assignment to go in 3weeks! wait... 

5 assignment in 2WEEKS!!! 


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