Friday, May 09, 2008

Shu Uemura?

Shu uemura art competition is here!

so excited and i really, really wanna join but then.... i still have so many un-finish assignment to complete. Those assignments seems unlikely to finish by their respective due dates and a few of my lecturers are very kind enough to postpone the date to a later date.. and because of that, my semester will take a longer time to end...

So i am really worried if i am able to get back to Penang on time before Yang and Danny go to Australia. I really really want to have a proper reunion dinner or spend some quality time for bonding and gossiping with her before she leave. After all, she's one of my best best friend in the world! Gonna miss her lots when she goes to Australia!

Back to my shu uemura topic.. i have an idea in my right brain (my side of the brain where my creative engine is located). Got the inspiration from my previous personal artwork and a few photographs taken by SamLim (yea i am mentioning about him again... hopefully he don't read this ... if not he's going to tease me non-stop at my DA). So basically i have the idea.... and i am just waiting for my free time to execute it to paper and show it to my lecturer to get some comments and hopefully... i can transform it to digital form on time for submission without neglecting my assignments...which is such an impossible mission....


I've known about this competition few years back and have always wanted to join but every time when i know about the existence of this competition, normally is when they announce the winners. So this year, I am lucky that I know about the competition before the results are out and that I even attend the talk about the competition (force by my lecturer to attend, which i am grateful i did because most of the time we try to sneak away from such talks and wasting time activities in college - so that we can get a little extra time to rest our brains - designers mar).

so how?

i know i will suffer and torture myself for a few sleepless nights, the needs to tolerate pimples growing on my face due to lack of beauty sleep, and continue to persevere through all of the trouble and hard work...if i decide to join the competition....

but is it worth it? I will be one of the few hundreds of entries ... and the possibility (from add maths), the percentage of me winning is not high since this competition is exclusively for my university and since it is an art school, it makes it even twice/triple as hard for me to win any prize.

so should i or should i not?

me cam whoring

edited version : me, emo-ing

insanity strikes as she declare a war against procrastination and to stand up and fight for "completion of all her assignment" campaign


Yangy said...

Go go go! Good luck for the contest!

Btw, you were so dare to ask tricky question to them about the box. I found a bit funny with it: after using the USB to register my fingerprint, can i use the USB for my study, saving my assignment or whatsoever? The USB design is quite nice indeed. =.=|||

gary ooi said...

best wishes! yeahhhh

e-leen said...

yangy: ahaha just wanna kacau them lar... no harm done! the usb is not pendrive i think.. its just a key for fingerprint recognition

gary: thanks! btw, welcome to my blog!

Yangy said...

Haha.. Too bad then. Means it's just another rubbish on earth after that. It's not environmental friendly. We can complain it to Ministry of Health & Environment. =p

Or, i got one idea: since it is so nice, just made it as an accessories, hanging it on neck walking around in campus everyday. When people asking why u hang a pendrive on neck everyday, you can also proudly show off "It's key for fingerprint recognition of a cosmetics case by Shu Uemura, worth thousands, u know? You got mou?" XD