Tuesday, May 20, 2008

there was a slight tremble

why is my butt vibrating / shaking? when i am sitting on the chair with my leg on a comfortable resting position?

am i sick? issit because i am not getting enough sleep? is my body still functioning well? 

my butt is still shaking.....

then i look at my green tea in my red Oracle cup....

then my brain starts to send signals to tell me that .. it's an earth quake! 

RUN! was getting ready to grab all my babies (my precious gadgets) with me then i stop to message my housemate on msn to ask them did they felt it.... i thought i might be hallucinating (after watching too much of House MD). 

the shake stop!

they reply: YEA! i felt it too! 

HOLY! i am only on 7th floor and i won't be able to run down on time to reach to safety..... thank god... its just a slight tremble. 

Message my friend and he told me that there's a 6.2 quake at Sumatera .... 305km (190 miles) WSW (246degree) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

this is my second earth quake encounter after the deadly tsunami that hit Penang few years ago..... hopefully no death in Indonesia after what happen in China.



Falcon said...

thx fo the update..i felt it and i thought i was going mad..u know what im in kl and i felt it..wow...

e-leen said...

yr welcome.

btw, i am at cyberjaya. not really that far far away from KL