Sunday, May 04, 2008


I might have gotten myself a tattoo by accident.

want to c it?

it is Nike tattoo..

Got this lame tattoo through accident. oki... let's not call it a tattoo anymore.. cos it is not a tattoo. ahahahahh

it is a scar i got from last Thursday night's dinner at the BBQ steamboat buffet. The foil on the BBQ pan with boiling butter on it suddenly decide to fly away from the pan and the boiling oil (from melting butter) was splash towards me. that is how i got that scar (aka tattoo). I did not know that it look like a Nike logo till my cousin sister told me so. Kinda ironic... ahahahha

IT IS VERY UGLY! sigh.. hopefully i can remove them like temporary tattoo... but too bad.. it isn't a tattoo... it is a SCAR!!!!

oh yea.... i am stuck in Penang for another day. I am not able to go back to my dream chamber til monday because i can't get a bus ticket to go back.... sigh.... holiday season.....


Marc said...

I seriously tot u got a Nike tattoo when i saw yr post on INNIT. haha. good one.

Kim Hock said...

i like u more than tattoo...:)

e-leen said...

marc: lol. thanks

kimhock: thanks.