Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oral Test

Today, someone told me I speak English like a chinese educated girl. *LOL!* 

After 19 years of English education, no Mandarin class or speaking lesson and being labeled as English-shit and "banana" (Chinese who don't speak mandarin)- I speak Mandarin-English slang!!



I am not angry nor sad over that comment. It just made me realize that I am currently deprive from speaking good English on a daily basis. The only English oral conversation I had in 4 days over the weekends are less than a minute of conversation over the phone with the food delivery service lady. So imagine the "opportunity" i have in practicing my Ing-glish oral skill....

English was never be my favourite subject in school - not even now. To be honest, I HATE English the most when I was in high school besides Biology. 

Anyway, I am not really a language person. :P I am more of a Maths and Arts person. I never master English grammar like how well I understand the mathematic equations.  I can get 99% for my maths paper easily, but never for my English. So hell yea! i am cool with it. :D 

Let my art and design speak for me instead of me speaking of them.  :D


Demetrius said...

Everybody has their own idea of what sounds right and what doesn't. I obviously don't know how fluent your are in English speaking, but your writing style is very readable and interesting to me...Don't let that person kill your confidence!

e-leen said...

demetrius: thanks. nah.. don't worry it did not kill my confidence. :D i like people pointing out my weakness so i can improve on it. Life is a never ending journey of education. Never too late to improve :D

Demetrius said...

"Life is a never ending journey of education. Never too late to improve."

I agree.