Saturday, October 06, 2007


it has been a week, so i guess.. it's time for me to get over and .... forget bout what happen. since now that I have more important matters to deal with, like, how to survive for the remaining 3 wks of october with no money for food, entertainment and transportation, how to complete my assignments, how to save my dying dragon bamboo plant, how to get more beauty sleep, how to stop procrastinating, and much much more.

Life! But they are more meaningful problems to deal with... than feeling bad about what happen yesterday.

Gosh, i just collected the electric bill today. It is freaking enormous amount of money that i need to fork out for my part! Then we have the telephone bills, the streamyx bills, and water bills as well! SWEAT! How about my final assignments? All those comes with a price u know.. like A3 colour printing, mounting board, and other art stuff which is NOT CHEAP! Damn! No wonder artist is always broke! How bout my candy underwater world? I still have to get jelly beans from famous amos!

***eileen runs to get a 4-D lottery ticket***

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