Friday, August 28, 2009

Project: Experiment 1

This is my first experiment.

These are not photo manipulated pictures

This is known as augmented reality where the user will need to flash a printed pattern in front of their web cam and the 3d image will appear as if its on top of the paper and that's going to be my proposal for my final project if everything goes well......wish me luck!

Stay tune!


pop said...

eileen, can i go to the award ceremony? please .

e-leen said...

pop: I am still far from it lar thing. Still hav alot of work :( scared actually that i screw up.

H e n r i c k said...

Wow.. what a big project your are doing there. What's your virtual object in mind? :D

e-leen said...

henrick, i have not decide the object or the product yet. :( still doubting myself... if i can do it.

ChiaHoey said...

I have faith in you! Haha..
This seems to be a good start =)

Demetrius said...

Good luck with your final project. You finally get the chance to showcase your 3D skills.Hopefully you will have plenty of confidence in yourself from start to finish.

Have fun!

e-leen said...

chiahoey: thanks. anywaym I am changing my proposal d. no longer doing this for final degree project. Will probably do this as my own side project. :D

demetrius: thanks. as mention above, i am changing my proposal but thre's still 3d involved. so... if everything goes well, i can still practice some 3d skills. :D