Saturday, August 08, 2009

Do I have a twin sister?

Earlier, I was having dinner with my friends, happily chatting away when suddenly the waitress approach me and below is the short and rough conversation i had with her.

Waitress: Mana kawan laki? (Where is your boyfriend?)
Me: huh? *looking at her cluelessly*
Waitress: Laki yang selalu datang sama-sama (the guy that's always come here with you)
Me: ... *still looking at her cluelessly and trying to figure out if my understanding of the indonesian language is wrong anot. I look over to my friend to seek for help*

Then my friend told her that she might have gotten the wrong person but she insist that she's right and that I always go to that restaurant with a thin, tall guy who has almost shoulder length hair. 

Maybe I have an identical twin sister out there whom I do not know off, or maybe there's this imaginary boy beside me all the time and only the waitress sees it.... (ok, i should stop talking nonsense. I am scaring myself and i think I should go off to bed now)

Good night!


pop said...

thats creepy !

e-leen said...

pop: ahahha. i am curious to know who is my twin sister and who is the guy :P ahahhaha

Dann said...

You sure bo? You'll never know if its someone or "something" had been following you right from the start! And its just unfortunate that only little able to see that entity thats been right beside you all the time, and that waitress, well, she's just been to see it with an extra eye. You'll never know... :P

e-leen said...

dann: i will take him as an angel beside me :D ahahha

ChiaHoey said...

That's normal..Something more ridiculous case like this happened on me before..I think I might have one also. lol

e-leen said...

chiahoey: ahahahha u r my twin sister wat. just born different years nia. ahahahha

H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. I dunno what to say, but usually people might recognize wrongly. It is said that in this world you will find total of 7 people with the same face. I wonder if it's true or not. :) So far I haven't met 1 yet :P

Dann said...

Its scary based on what Henrick said, but if its true, we've got Oliver Twist in the making...

e-leen said...

henrick: i heard about that too. Sometimes i do wonder. Maybe not in my lifetime, but mayb there might be. hehe I will let you know after i meet up with this twin sister of mine ok :D

dann: well, just think of the good things and things won't be scary :D he/she is probably my guardian angel :D

Dann said...

Mai, i prefer a more scary, spooky version out of it. More mysterious and curious on whats underneath. With dark truth, history that never meant to be told. Unwelcome secret, unpleasant reality, inconvenience truth.

Or a fairy tale based on a twins! With the storyline on... the twins got separated after an operation (weeks after born), but the other half didn managed to survive, and give in to death. However the Siamese twins werent meant to be separated, thus the soul lingers around and haunt the other half. The angel fairy tale ala Alone (one of the Thailand horror film) style. ^^

Got carried away cause the 7th month is just around the corner.

Wow, lengthy comments, i wrote alot.
Oops, should get back to work... =x

e-leen said...

dann: lol. can c that u r too free at work. its really creative - in a spooky way :P