Sunday, August 16, 2009

Danger of Portable Gas Stove

Few months ago I receive a forwarded email from my cousin about the danger of portable gas stove. If you have no idea, this is how a portable gas stove looks like

In the email, it says that a lady name Kaori, her mother and daughter, like all typical Japanese and Korean family was using the portable gas cooker to cook their meals during a family gathering party when suddenly the gas stove exploded and all three of them got caught on fire and suffered severe burns. Below is the picture of Kaori taken shortly after the incident (according to the email).

and below is the image of the malfunction gas stove 

So upon reading the email, my aunt was urging me to discard the portable cooker I was using and buy an induction cooker instead. But that time, my friend, Lollipop loan me her induction cooker (which i mention in my previous post) which i failed to operate it and due to lag of time to buy a new induction cooker, I did not care much, ignore the forwarded email warning and continue to use the portable gas stove for a month. 

Then this month when I came back to KL (after a month of holiday back in my hometown), my housemate happily told me that she just bought one of those portable gas stove when we went out together for groceries shopping. Then the next day, after our grocery shopping trip, she told me that while she was cooking breakfast, her stove suddenly exploded and the stove was on fire. Luckily she was able to remove the butane gas can fast enough to avoid further explosions and praise the Lord that she's safe and there were no injuries. 

So today, we went out to get an induction cooker each. 

my new induction cooker that comes together with a stainless steel pot which i bought at RM169. 

I have no idea how safe this thingy going to be, but hopefully it is safer than the portable gas stove. This fellow has a few presets and the temperature and the time can be set accordingly to my own preference and there is even a PAUSE button! YES, i can pause while cooking halfway! how cool is that? hahhaha

one disadvantage of using this induction cooker is that I can only use with specific cookware - those that are made of stainless steel or those that have a magnetic field base. This is because " An induction cooker works like an electrical transformer: it transfers electrical energy onto the pot using a time-varying magnetic field" (wikipedia). That means, the teflon non-sticky pot that I love so much to fry eggs and pancakes that does not have magnetic response base basically is now useless with this induction cooker. DAMN IT!! That means, I will need to spend time scrubbing the stainless steel pot each time after I cook! *cries*

ps: that's the reason why I couldn't get the two eggs to boil (previous post). The pot I was using does not have any magnetic field and hence the cooker won't even heat up.


H e n r i c k said...

Hmm.. thanks for this lesson: " An induction cooker works like an electrical transformer: it transfers electrical energy onto the pot using a time-varying magnetic field" (wikipedia). :D

e-leen said...

henrick: your welcome ;-)

Ross4Teflon said...

E-Leen - Sorry to hear you can't use your Teflon pan you love so much with your induction cooker. I represent DuPont and we love to see when people love using our products in their daily lives.

If you are interested in some other recipes or great cookbooks to look at for your blog or try with your pan, drop me an email and I would be glad to help you out! Thanks. Cheers, Ross

Justin said...

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