Friday, August 14, 2009

A Green Dinner

One of my resolution for this semester is to stay healthy and eat more health benefit food. So for today's dinner, these are my ingredients. 

1 green capsicum
Benefits of capsicum 
  1. good for the eyesight and smooth skin
  2. helps the body ward off infections
  3. has antioxidant properties 
  4. reduce cholesterol - prevent strokes and heart attacks
  5. improves stomach digestion
  6. help to speed up metabolism and help burn more calories - good for losing weight (i don't need this. I need to gain weight and add more body fats because i think curves are sexeyyyy)

18-20 lady fingers

Benefits of lady fingers (aka Okra)
  1. superior fiber found in Okra helps to stabilize blood sugar
  2. helps prevent and improve constipation
  3. help to feed the good bacteria (probiotics) - similar to yoghurt
  4. good for summer heat treatment - for those feeling weak, exhausted and suffering from depression
  5. help to heal ulcer and keep joints limber
  6. ideal vegetable for weight loss (again, i don't need this benefit :P)

I add in some garlic, an egg and oyster sauce. Stir friend it and below is the end results. This is my dish for tonight that i ate together with white rice (which is also home cook!)

I just feel so healthy!


pop said...

looks so yummy !!

e-leen said...

pop: :D thanks

Demetrius said...

You probably already know those calories you eat go straight to the butt and thighs. Be carfeful, I don't think you want too much curve in those hips. Lol

cheers to good health!

H e n r i c k said...

Omg.. the Capsicum is the one vege I hate the most..lolz