Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I miss "switching" people

I've been asked for the umpteenth time why I am NOT "switching" this holiday.

For the past 3 years, I've always been working part time at this work place during the semester break holiday. I guess all my friends and family are so accustom to my routine that they would assume I will be working at the same place this holiday. Ironically this holiday, I am not following the norm. I've decided to stay home, and spend more time with my family (my mom and grandma in particular). 

I've always enjoy working at the place. It has become my second home every time I am back to Penang for holiday because of the amount of time I would spend there. I've made so many valuable friendships there, learned so much and discovered something I didn't know I could do 3 years ago before I join the company. 

Truthfully speaking, I really, really miss working there. I miss interacting with customers from all walks of life. I miss the time helping customers "switch" easily. I miss touching and testing out all the gadgets available in the shop. I miss the early morning gathering/training session with my colleagues. I miss receiving salary which I could use to spend lavishly on myself.

But for all that I am missing right now, I know spending more time with my family is much more important and valuable that is beyond comparison to the amount of money I will be earning if I were to work instead. 

So at the meantime, while spending more time at home, I am working on a few personal projects and hopefully I will be able to launch it by January 2010 (which is in a few more days).

Wish me luck! :D


Anonymous said...

It shows that you are mature now..

Demetrius said...

Enjoy that quality time with your family! You probably deserve a break from the action.

e-leen said...

anonymous: ahahha i guess :D

demetrius; thanks! but i really miss doing what i always do :D