Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight Review

the much awaited movie.... and finally I watched it with my best buddy! 

So how was it?

Spoilers ahead, if you are planning to watch the movie, please stop reading and skip the rest of the post. 

If my video production lecturer is watching this movie, or if he is sitting next to me, I would probably hearing him repeating his usual quote "Add in more scene between this and this". The story is too long to be translated into a movie, but still i think the whole production team can do a better job. The build up (beginning part) of the movie is too "choppy" and seriously in need of in between scenes. (Sorry,  this is what happens when you start study video production. Every tiny details become something that you pays attention too.. and there are certain parts during the movie, that i just stop following the movie, but only thinking about the camera angles, the settings, practically the mise-en-scne and the editing part. This is a disease - a cancerous sickness for video production student - me. So everytime that happens, I keep on telling myself, "concentrate on Edward and Bella, mise-en-scene later"). 

 If I have not read the book, I would probably be lost. Of course there are many many parts that are not according directly to the book, like how Bella met Jacob, the part Bella told Edward that she knows what he is, why Bella did not have jelly feet after Edward carried her on his back and went for a sprint but instead there's a facial expression on her that she's enjoying the fun and thrill, how easily Bella escape from the hotel (despite so much attention was paid in the book to how protective Alice and Jesper was over Bella), why is Bella and Charlie eating out when Bella always cooks  for Charlie, Edward's room which has no space for a bed, 

Another ONE THING that i would like to talk bout the movie, is the Malaysia's Censorship Board!! DAMN! they have to pick the first kiss scene between Edward and Bella and decide to censor it. And not just CUT, cut but cut it just too long and left the scene totally hanging! crapppy censorship! come on .. if u wanna censored the kissing scene so our other race is able to watch it in peace, please do it at a precise manner and not just cut it like that. 

mise-en-scene, mise-en-scene ... i just can't not touch it. It is the costume. It is said that Alice will now allow the Cullens to wear their clothes more than twice, but why issit that Edward have to wear a few shirts/coats a few times? hmmmmmmmmm........(yea i notice.... "mise-en-scene" remember?) then there's the makeup.... jsut toooo much! 

off all the bad things, of course there are the good things that i like about the movie. such as, 

the SOUNDTRACK! The songs are just great, the right mood at the right scene and as well as Bella's lullaby. 

the baseball scene: i have to give some credit to the baseball scene. Not my favourite scene from the book, but in the movie, its one of the best part in the whole movie besides the ballet studio fighting scene.

humour between bella and charlie. the part where Bella is going to intro Edward to him. oh btw, Charlie is far more handsome than the one I imagine! :D

eric is so funny!!! omg... i like him in the movie.. and not so much in the book as he's not really that outstanding in the book right? Overall, the casting is great!

Anyway, nothing beats the book! I still prefer the book. So don't watch, just read!  


Mr GiN said...

can download arr?or download also cannot?

Anonymous said...

E-leen you are so beautiful I didn't even bother reading this post I was so taken by your beauty. If you are looking for a boyfriend come tome.

e-leen said...

gin: can dl. but at the moment not clear yet :P

Harmony said...

so in short.... the book huh..

H e n r i c k said...

Ahh! As you mentioned, I skipped and stop reading your post! :P

I haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet, there are so many movies I have missed ever since I came down to KL for a month. I just got a chance to watch Bolt in 3D last friday in KL together with my sweetheart :D

Gonna watch all of 'em when I'm back! Hehe

e-leen said...

Harmony: yea. the book is better. definitely better!!!

henrick; lol. wah.. so nice!! penang watch movie much cheaper! ahahahha