Saturday, November 08, 2008

Emo ranting

FInally I decide to spend some time off my assignment to edit the body text of my blog..... change the background and the text colour. now it looks better (to me). Hopefully you like it too! 

as for today, 

i am piss off with one of my lecturer and it turns me off on doing any of my assignment. i have no idea, why is it so hard for them to tell you what to edit in the first place? i showed him my video twice, and he ask me to edit the final part.. which i did as what i was told... then today, when i did my presentation, he ask me to add additional 1 scene! 

WTH! he think we are some mechanical robot and that we have so much time at our own leisure to do only his work? i still have 2 more assignments to complete (3D modeling of the Putrajaya Mosque and 1minute animation to complete - which is not an easy task) and there he wants me to add in another new scene. Why can't he tell me that 1 month ago when i first show him my video? Why did he wait til this final 2nd week to tell me that? 

Furthermore, I got my results slip for last semester and finally i took a good look at my results for last semester (Nope. i did not really know about my results before today). Depressing-lah my results... sigh. I feel that I do not deserve the B+ for my illustration..... I deserve more than that ... not that i am over confident about my own work, but then i really think that i deserve a better grade for my below drawings.... :(

sigh.... SAD........emo emo...

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