Tuesday, November 25, 2008



yeah! i am making a declaration that i am back in Penang. Anyone free to go out yam cha, movie, do call me ok. 

I am sorry for this late update to my blog because for the last 2 weeks, I've been very very busy with my assignmentS and it is impossible for me to blog. I have been deprive of sleep for the last 2 weeks, and i look like a thirsty vampire now. Pale face and dark circle around my eyes. 

I am back in Penang since last Saturday, and I've been indulging myself with a lot of Penang food as my housemates had accompanied me come back to Penang and i've been bringing them around for makan-makan (eating) session and visiting some places (still tired and have not really hibernate yet). I am not a really good tour guide, but i hope they enjoy themselves. 

So what have I been doing lately??

The only interesting activity that i did lately apart from assignments is I went to try the in-line skating at Queensbay Mall with my housemates. And guess what, I've been skating along side mui mui chai (girls) and seow di di (boys). I suddenly feel old skating and sometimes feel young when i skate alongside them. mixture of emotion. You see... age is a sensitive issue for woman! LOL! Anyway, i got myself a bruised butt after falling a few times (around 3 times). I am not a good skater and i am not that bad in skating till that I fell down so many times and got myself a bruise. Seriously.... I think i am being a target of one young boy there who tried to make me fall. Not that i am being sensitive... if it is one time, i can still take it as an accident. If it is twice, then it is a coincident. When there's a third time, and a forth attempt to bump into me.....  and grab my arms, is it just purely accident, coincidence or is it intentional? And i've caught him looking my way a few times. Maybe checking me out? :P Not bad leh... i can attract a young teenage boy? So flattering! LOL! OK OK... I AM JUST JOKING!  Ok, back to my bruised butt. It is cause by the Nokia handphone that I put at my jeans back pocket. Every time i fall on my butt, i sort of sat on it and that has cause the bruise on my butt, and the handphone is still working just fine and the screen only got a few dead pixels now. It is indeed a miracle that it is still working and survived the crushing impact of my weight. 

Anyway, I went to the beach today with my friends and while they are enjoying themselves with the crashing waves hitting the seashore, I was sitting at the beach myself reading Breaking Dawn (4th book for twilight saga) when suddenly a monkey came up to me. He sat beside me, and then later climb on my back. (will post up the picture later when i get it from my friend). I hate MONKEY, but Sha Sha (the name of the monkey) seems different from normal notorious monkeys at Botanical Gardens and Penang Hill. She's cute! After spending 1 week, 7 days, 168hours on animating a nerdy monkey, I think, maybe i am starting to like monkey... or maybe not... I think i still hate monkeys.

Ok.... time to catch a short sleep before i have to wake up in less than 5 hrs time to fetch my dad to hospital for a check up and then later go meet up with my housemates and bring them out to eat more good food before they leave to go back to KL in the evening.  


Hopefully tomorrow before i start my part time work.


pop the lolli said...

aaarrrrgghhhh i miss out so much .. T__T

so geng.... small boy also like u .. hahahaha..

recently there are lots of monkey business going on... hahaha

e-leen said...

lollipop: yealo.. u dowan to come join us.....lol. small boy is quite cute also. aahhaha yealar... alot of monkey business....

Demetrius said...

eileen: It's okay to fall down while skating, but you should never go down by yourself. I am surprised you didn't pull anyone down with you... that's rule number one! LOL

e-leen said...

demetrius: no i did not go down by myself. first fall, since i was guiding my friend, she fell down with me... the 3rd time, the boy collided into me n i fall with him. :P

pop the lolli said...

hhmm... maybe he wanted u to fall INTO him ... hahahahaha

e-leen said...

lollipop: lol so i can molest him? :P