Sunday, September 06, 2009

Roti Arab

Do you know how Roti Arab (Arabic Bread) taste like? Have you seen it?

Today, I decide to give it a try as i ran out ideas of what to cook for myself and here's how my dinner looks like.

arabic bread
Arabic bread/Roti Arab is also known as pita bread to some. But it was printed on the packaging that it is called Roti Arab/Arabic bread. Anyway, I reheat this pita bread with my rice cooker (thanks to Pop's brilliant idea) and suddenly I realize how useful rice cooker can be :D

No Henrick. No soya milk this time. LOL! But instead I used DutchLady low fat milk as a substitute of coconut milk. Today i tried another type of curry paste and it tasted so much nicer, just like how my aunt would cook it and the pita bread really taste nice when eat with the curry. The curry looks spicy and IT IS indeed spicy. Although it is spicy, I finish the whole bowl of curry myself with 2 slice of pita bread and i feel like a dragon now - ready to blow out balls of fire from my mouth :D 

Let just say, I just had a great dinner :D


pop said...

the curry look so spicy !
i should have stay at ur place and eat those arab bread and curry !

e-leen said...

pop: when u wanna eat? i can cook for u.

ChiaHoey said...

Eileen, for the next time,I think u should try with breast milk...Lol! I dun think there is any other milk u can find in house XD
I know I'm kinda dirty minded. Lol

e-leen said...

chiahoey: lol. where to get breast milk? lol

Demetrius said...
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Demetrius said...

Breast milk can be purchased if you really want it for cooking purposes...(I'm only joking)Lol

H e n r i c k said...

lolz.. what?!! breast milk?! o.O -> =.=

Anyway, glad you changed to Dutch Lady milk instead of Soya. Haha :P

e-leen said...

demetrius: lol. nah... normal milk is fine. i dont need "special" milk :P

henrick: lol. dutch lady is ideal lar.... i just wanted to know how weird it will taste :P