Monday, April 06, 2009 first F1

the sound of screeching tyres,
the roaring of engines,
the short heat wave,
the hot hunks and
the simultaneous cheers from the crowd when the car passes by,
the adrenalin rushing through your body as 2 cars try to overtake one another right in front of you....

you will definitely NOT feel any of that if you are watching Formula 1 from your couch.

YES! i went to the Formula 1 race at Sepang! Got a super duper cheap ticket (at RM20 only) for a Grandstand ticket (which is supposed to be RM500 and above) from school. What a bargain right? Seriously, I did not expect the tickets to be for Grandstand, maybe for hill side or something and I was prepare to get myself tan but I was wrong. I was at the stand where I have a full view of the most exciting corner of the circuit where most of the overtaking took place during the race and it was a hell of an incredible and most awesome sight especially when I am watching it LIVE! Watching it live with my own eyes and cheering along with the crowds beat the feeling of watching a slightly delayed version over Astro. AWESOMENESS!

the heavy traffic jam to Sepang & the dark clouds 

the crowded entrance

the view of the hill side spectators

the grand stand place i was at

my first glimpse of the car passing me by....

and yes! that's LEWIS HAMILTON!!

I know everyone is gonna hate me for the caption! I used to be a Kimi fan, but now he's over at Ferarri :(

the sound of the engines...............

the emergency car on the track

Then later on, i manage to sneak myself into the mall area (the most expensive ticket area) just when the drivers was all waiting for the rain to stop. I had a full view of the pit stop lane and the starting grid and I was at my climax moment! I was right in front of Lewis Hamilton's pit stop and I even saw Lewis Hamilton running from the pit stop to his car which was parked at the starting grid. Probably he was taking his toilet break. ahahha GOSH! it was total COOLNESS just to be standing right there!

all respective teams are getting ready to restart the race while waiting for the officials to make their decision about the race

first class view of McLaren's pit!

can you see Kimi's ferrari parked inside?

that's the champion's pit stop

as we all know, the race did not resume after the break. And since I was still at the grand view area, I manage to witness the prize presentation ceremony....

from left: Nick Heidfeld, Jensen Button, Timo Glock

cam whoring session continues right after the ceremony ended....

and that's me at the starting grid with my headphones on


and there's my pathetic-tired-looking smile

the view when everything ended and everyone starts to leave

Leaving the circuit was even a hassle but FUN. The amount of people moving out to the front gate at the same time is nuts and packed of people at every corner and it was drizzling slightly as well. But it was fun when you meet crazy people like these .....

hey-ma-wong-chi (black horse prince) ROFL

I LMAO when i saw him walking by me....imagine a body stuck between a car.....

and out of the crowded crowd, just as I was making my way to get to the bus, I saw Reshmonu! One of my favourite local singer besides Guang Liang and Pete Teo! No one recognise him until i told my friend who went up to him to snap a picture with him and after that, a lot of people was crowding around us. I wanted to take picture with him too, but I am just too shy and tired *blush*

Although the race ended after only 33 laps out of the 56 laps scheduled, the experience at the circuit itself and listening to the roaring of the engines as each car passes by had gave me the thrill and excitement that I've always imagine... in fact, it was even better!

the only thing I regret the most is not having my slr and my zoom lens with me! sigh....i left my precious in Penang and I am really regretting for not bringing it down to KL! 

how stupid of me right?
 kill me!


Sherlyn_chan said...

woohoo great shots!!!!

e-leen said...

sherlyn: haha i stoled 2-3shots from ur fb

pop said...

super cool !!!

and u're not stupid at all coz u chose to go to F1 which is super duper good choice !

Vince Yeoh said...

So nice... I might be going in 1 - 2 years time, wish to taste the F1 fever, haha...

shinyi said...

hey syok also ha.. and its cheap, considered that u saved 480..haha

e-leen said...

pop: ahaha u should hav come with us lar!

vince: u should go! realli nice! now i am waiting for my chance to go to an EPL match! ahhaha

shinyi: oh first time u commenting on my blog! welcome! yea.. super duper cheap~ :D