Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for Japan

So everyone heard of the latest earthquake that hit Japan... (if you have not, please stop reading my blog and go over to

and there's the 70% possibility that another quake might strike in the next 2 - 3 days...

and everyone's talking about 2012...the end of the world...

Life is indeed fragile - isn't it?

One day, we just go to bed on the usual serene and peaceful night and the next day, we find ourselves waking up by the trembles of the earth and swept away by the giant waves... leaving all our loving ones behind....

Have you told them how much you've love them and what they meant to you?
Have you apologize to the ones you've hurt before?
Have you repay all the invisible debts (gratitude) you've vowed to repay back?

those are the primary issues... what about the secondary ones?

Have you reach your goals in life, the career and the ambition you wanted?

then I ask myself again, is this secondary question important anymore?

can my goals and ambition bring me back to my love ones?

no they can't ... but at least if I've achieved one of my goals in life and if I were to leave this world behind, I will be glad - at least I've done something... it's like a sort of accomplishment..contentment...

So before my last day, this is my wish for now - I am praying now for everyone's safety, to all people who are affected by the terrible quake and I pray for Japan to recover, innocent lives to be sparred and may there be NO second quake.

I believe, the sun will rise and shine once again! Stay strong Japan! You are in my prayers

ps: Readers, please help pray for everyone's peace and safety! Please pray for Japan!

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Holy Land Prayer said...

praying for the people of japan. Thanks for the post.