Thursday, August 31, 2006

26th August 2006 - Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime..... u will only be 21 ONCE. u will only celebrate your 21st birthday ONCE.

26th August 2006, a date i am going to remember my whole entire life. Firstly, it was bcos it's my first degree graduation ceremony. Secondly it was because of my grand, grand birthday party (and graduation party) that my family has organised for me. i am so happy that all my close friends (althought not all) and family were there to celebrate my 21st with me. although its not my real birthday on that day, i am indeed satisfied and grateful to everyone especially my family who went through the trouble to make the day an unforgettable day in my entire life.
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Graduation - after 3 yrs of hard work.. and a tiring 1 yr during degree, finally the whole batch of us are graduating. The whole event makes me think back and reflects what has really happen for the last 3 yrs, the friends that i've made along the way.. and all the classes that we've skipped, the lecturers we hate and gossip about and many many other events - both sad and happy. i remember those late nights that i've stayed up just to complete a report.. the time wasted chatting with each other online (especially when i was chatting with juli and crapping with seifer).. or the time when the stress level is so high that the whole gang decide to play Gunz (online game) to release the pressure and stress that's getting on us. Guess its something to keep us sane that time... i guesss... All the hardwork that we went through are repaid during our graduation ceremony. Hope my parents and grandmother who are there that day on the auspicious event are happy and at the same time proud of me. hopefully there's a second graduation they are goin to attend. if there is a second one, that means... i have endured the next 4 yrs of education in Cyberjaya.
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Conclusion... i can't ask for more. I am very thankful to god for giving such a wonderful day. I would like to thank my family and friends that make my day an unforgettable one... THANK YOU

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Thebodytalk said...

Congratulation for being 21 and graduate.